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Hourly Labour rate   $ 90.00

Lube, Oil & Filter Service   $ 39.95 (plus cost of filter)
Includes multi point inspection, adjust tire pressures, top up fluids, door & hinge lubrication and 5L premium grade oil. (Diesel and Synthetic oil changes vary).

Synthetic Lube, Oil & Filter Service   $88.95 (plus cost of filter)

Includes multi point inspection, adjust tire pressures, top up fluids, door & hinge lubrication and 5L synthetic oil.


Ministry of Ontario Safety Standards Certificate   $ 118.95
Inspection and issue of certificate. (Any required parts & labour is additional)  

Tire Rotation   $ 34.95 with service     $39.95 without service
Recommended every 10 000 km to promote even wear and extend the life of tires.

Tire Repair  from $ 24.95

Install and Balance of Tires   from $ 26.95 

Four Wheel Alignment   from $ 96.95
Includes complete inspection of steering & suspension components.

Brake Inspection and Service from  $ 88.95 per axle
Check brake operation, inspect lining & condition of caliper/wheel cylinder operation & self adjusters. Clean & lubricate pad, caliper slide rails & backing plates. Check parking brake operation, measure and report lining thickness.

Fuel Induction Service   $ 108.95
Using specialized equipment and a 3 part chemical cleaning process our technicians will effectively clean fuel injectors, throttle body, intake manifold, ports, valves and combustion chamber. This service will restore lost power, performance, reduce harmful emissions & promote better fuel efficiency.

Transmission Flush    Full Synthetic   $ 268.95
A safe and effective cleaner is installed to suspend harmful varnish & sludge from the transmission, valve body, torque converter & lines. Using specialized equipment a complete fluid transfusion is performed, flushing out old oxidized fluid and replacing with clean, new fluid with conditioners. This service provides maximum protection for components and fluid.

Coolant Flush    4 cyl. - $ 129.95    6 cyl. - $ 139.95     8 cyl. - $149.95
Install flush agent with existing coolant to loosen harmful deposits which reduce heat transfer. Perform complete inspection of the cooling system, attach the necessary equipment to flush & evacuate the entire system of old coolant and re-fill with new OEM quality coolant. Conditioner added for protection against acid formation, corrosion inhibitor, water pump lubricant and sealing agents.

A/C Inspection from  $ 89.95  
Verify vent temperature, comprehensive inspection of all components. Using specialized equipment confirm refrigerant charge and pressures.

Additional Services Recommended:


Driveline Fluid Replacement
Brake Fluid Flush
Fuel Filter Replacement

Service Intervals can vary upon usage and type of vehicle. Any member of our staff is equipped to answer any questions or recommend what maintenance is required, suggested or what can be deferred.


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